Why don’t share out Network Access from Exploited Router?

Okay Folks! today we gonna discuss about maintaining Exploited Router (but in the attacker perspective), so why we so caring about vuln router?

  • determine if the router was safe
  • knowing people connected to them (but, this sound privacy stuff and you aren’t want jailed after sniffing several packets)
  • and lastly, you can report them to owner (we perhaps you get bounty)

wait a sec, how about to share it to public and make it opensource? what’s the point? i mean to make it people use it (of course safely) and i think to make a project called “Ex-Fi”

how about explaining to law? imagine you had house and has electricity powered, your neighbour might open your electric box that not secured (eg. lock) and your neighbour also had electricity that sourced from you.

what is actually “Ex-Fi”? perhaps you know what is WiFi, how about to make public wifi from exploited private wifi? in this point, however expanding network might be illegal (i guess) so this should be done clear and safe (from law).

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