an Entertainment Community called “Weeaboo”

at this moment where people need entertainment in their life, we had found community and wanted to support it more and may gave us bigger chance to expanding our services and their products.

so where do we start? last year, we doing research on people but one person gave me something that actually entertaining called Anime, it is Japanese Cartoon. later day, i found community that like anime and people who like anime called Otaku, so i just jump on that things that actually had many programmer also like it.

i think this is so entertain me until i found people from Ponorogo (East Java, Indonesia) that has dream to gather otaku all around Indonesia, so i help him to formed “Wibu Pantad Tebal” a.k.a big ass weeaboos (big ass are referred as people who can’t be insulted) then changed to “WibuGarden” but somehow it still used on the Facebook Pages.

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